1 Call Estate Sales’ rates are fair and very competitive. We will review your estate or request and give you a rate for the service we provide. Our quote is the rate you pay, no surprise fees in the end.

Things we consider:

  • The service or services you are requesting
  • The size of the estate
  • The amount of preparation necessary
  • Any unique requirements you may have

What you get:

  • Fast settlement, usually 7 business days or less
  • No charge for initial evaluation
  • Sensitive data returned to you to determine how you wish to handle
  • Return of any undiscovered family items not initially retrieved
  • Advertising
  • Site preparation
  • Sorting and organizing of entire estate’s contents
  • Experience and research to ensure fair pricing
  • Permits and paperwork for the sale
  • Friendly and helpful staff to ensure a successful and safe sale
  • Security provided if necessary
  • Rooms and floors vacuumed or swept upon completion

Call us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation

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